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5 in 1 1973

by Tony Rosenthal, 1914-2009

Tony Rosenthal’s “5 in 1” is appropriately located between 1 Police Plaza and City Hall. The sculpture consists of five large red discs connected to one another and represents the relationships of five boroughs of New York City. For this work, Rosenthal won the “First Prize Art In Steel Award.” The sculpture has been in place since 1973, and has changed considerably since its installation. Rosenthal intended for “5 in 1” to be painted red, but due to a lack of funds, the city left the raw Cor-Ten steel exposed. It was in a state of disrepair and covered in graffiti when the city was able to paint the sculpture red. However, the steel which was previously exposed caused the paint to flake off and skateboarders began to use it as a ramp. “5 in 1” was restored and repainted again in 2010.


1973 Rosenthal installs 5 in 1

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Learn how Tony Rosenthal’s “5 in 1” and represents the connectedness of the City’s five boroughs