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American Merchant Mariners’ Memorial 1991

by Marisol, 1930

Marisol’s “American Merchant Mariners’ Memorial” portrays an attack on a boat of Merchant Marines by a German submarine during World War II. The design and figures come from a photograph of this attack, taken by the Germans who torpedoed the boat. Marisol’s graphic and compelling sculptural group captures the emotions of the sinking sailors. One of the sailors is in the process of being pulled out of the harbor below, connecting back to the sea. Marisol’s design, which won the competition held by the American Merchant Mariners’ Memorial, Inc., in 1988. Not only does her sculpture depict Merchant Marines, it also has the names of 6,700 Merchant Marines who died during the two World Wars.


1991 American Merchant Mariners' Memorial installed and dedicated

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