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Mural With Blue Brushstroke 1985

by Roy Lichtenstein, 1923-1997

Roy Lichtenstein’s “Mural With Blue Brushstroke” tells the history of modern and Pop art, referencing Matisse, Donald Judd, and Fernand Leger, among other artists. The mural (68 feet tall and 32 feet wide) also includes motifs and images from Lichtenstein’s previous work, including stylized brushstrokes and Ben-Day dots, Lichtenstein’s way of replicating the techniques of machine-produced images. A painter and sculptor, Lichtenstein’s artistic style was influenced by comic strips and American popular culture. Although he is better known for paintings, Lichtenstein has produced sculptures, one of which marks Barcelona’s Port Vell.


1985 Mural With Blue Brushstroke completed

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