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The Sphere 1971

by Fritz Koenig, 1924

Fritz Koenig’s “Sphere” between the Twin Towers was installed in 1968 to symbolize world peace, but after it survived the events of 9/11, it became a symbol of resilience and hope. The sculpture was damaged, with scratches, dents, and parts of the orb split open, but it was structurally sound. “Sphere” was moved to Battery Park in March 2002, where it served as a memorial and an eternal flame is lit. There was some debate over the location of the sculpture; some wanted it to go to the 9/11 Memorial, while others wanted it to stay at its present location. Among the groups pressuring the Port Authority to move it to the memorial site at Ground Zero was a group of 9/11 victims’ family members, led by Michael Burke. “Sphere” remains in Battery Park as a literal reminder of the events, while the 9/11 Memorial does not include objects from Ground Zero.


1971 Koenig completes the Sphere
2001 9/11 attacks heavily damage the Sphere
2002 Authorities move the damaged Sphere to Battery Park

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