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Tribeca Synagogue 1967

by William N. Breger

William Breger, a Bronx-born, Harvard-educated architect was hired in 1967 to design the Synagogue. Breger was chairman of the department of architectural design at Pratt at the time and his architectural practice specialised in nursing homes. The synagogue was a very different assignment, yet Breger was able to create an inspiring, thoughtful and useful space. The synagogue’s flame-like shape appears to be floating above the street, and missing any windows its sanctuary is beautifully illuminated from a skylight. The shape of the exterior corresponds to the interior, yet the outside is marble bricks and the interior wood-paneled. The materials but also its shape allow for great acoustics – which to a congregation that can’t use electricity and amplifiers on Sabbath is a very useful feature. Breger’s modern design won him the 1968 Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects, and the building was landmarked in 1992.

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