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Milton Glaser Mural 1986

by Milton Glaser, 1929

Milton Glaser, the famed graphic designer responsible for the I (Heart) NY logo and iconic Bob Dylan poster, has a modern mosaic artwork on permanent display in the Astor Place 6 subway station. Glaser’s intent is for the piece to echo Greenwich Village’s rich artistic and cultural history through bold geometric forms. Despite seeming visually discordant, the pieces are akin to a puzzle, representing Greenwich Village’s hodgepodge of bohemian activity. Also worth noting in┬áthe same station are tile mosaics featuring gold beavers, a subtle tribute to John Jacob Astor, who made his fortune in beaver-pelt trading.

Milton Glaser founded New York magazine in 1968 and currently runs his own graphic design firm, Milton Glaser, Inc. His clients have included Brooklyn Brewery, Target, JetBlue, the School of Visual Arts, and Juilliard, among others. Glaser continues to work and design well into his 80s, continuing to inspire and influence aspiring designers; he is known for saying “Computers are to design as microwaves are to cooking” and “Drawing is thinking.”


1986 Glaser completes mural

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