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Waterfall and Landscape of the Cloud 1958

by Isamu Noguchi, 1904-1988

Isamu Noguchi’s installation in the lobby of 666 5th Avenue brings the outdoors inside – but not literally. His sculpture, entitled “Waterfall and Landscape of the Cloud,” was installed in 1958 during the building’s construction. The Waterfall portion is along the lobby wall, made by bands of steel arranged vertically, cut in shapes to mimic the flow of a waterfall. The Cloud is made with white louvers placed horizontally along the ceiling. When a viewer stands with their line of vision perpendicular to the louvers, the forms appear as billowing shapes. Noguchi collaborated with the building’s architect Robert Carson to create this site-specific installation. The sculpture was almost destroyed during renovations by Sumitomo Realty in 1997, but fortunately the Historic Districts and the Noguchi Foundation fought to keep the landmarked work intact. Sumitomo made “Waterfall and Landscape of the Cloud” a main feature of the lobby when they revised their plans in 1999. The building next door was demolished, creating a covered arcade and allowing more light into the lobby which made it easier to view Noguchi’s installation from the sidewalk.


1958 Noguchi finishes installation
1998 Sumitomi Realty & Development refurbishes and restores sculptures

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