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Georgia O’Keeffe


Though Georgia O’Keeffe is better known for her paintings of flowers and the New Mexico landscape, she lived for many years in Manhattan. O’Keeffe came to New York in 1918 after photographer and gallery owner Alfred Stieglitz asked if she would have her work displayed in his gallery. Stieglitz found O’Keeffe a studio, and they later married. During her years in New York, O’Keeffe painted buildings, views of the East River from their apartments, and the skyline. Stieglitz was well-known for his photographs, which he used to capture the changes in New York at the beginning of the twentieth century.


1887 Georgia O’Keeffe born in Wisconsin
1916 Meets Stieglitz
1918 O’Keeffe moves to NY
1929 Begins painting in New Mexico
1946 Stieglitz dies
1986 O’Keeffe dies in New Mexico